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Proactive Warning with Road Signage

Tranex’s warning road signage provides proactive alerts to drivers, enhancing safety by communicating potential hazards and promoting awareness on the road.

  • Crossing Ahead Warning Sign W8-22

  • Road Ends sign W5-18

  • W1-1 L/R

  • W1-2 L/R Reverse Turn

  • W1-3 L/R Bend sign

  • W1-4 L/R Reverse Curve sign

  • W1-5 L/R Winding Road sign

  • W1-7 L/R Hairpin bend sign

  • W1-8B

  • W2-1 L/R Cross Road sign

  • W2-10 L/R Side road on curve sign

  • W2-11 L/R successive side roads on bend sign

  • W2-13 L/R Successive side roads

  • W2-3 L/R T-intersection sign

  • W2-4 L/R Side road junction sign

  • W2-7 L/R Roundabout sign

  • W2-8 L/R Staggered Side Road Junction sign

  • W2-9 L/R Side Road Junction on a Curve sign

  • W3-1 Stop sign ahead

  • W3-2 Give Way sign ahead

  • W3-3 Traffic Signal ahead sign

  • W3-4 Speed Bump ahead sign

  • W4-1 Narrow Bridge Sign

  • W4-10 Lane allocation. 1 lane left 2 lanes right

  • W4-11 Lane allocation. 1 lane each direction.

  • W4-3 Road Narrows warning sign

  • W4-4 Divided Road sign

  • W4-5 Traffic Island sign

  • W4-6 End Divided Road sign

  • W4-8 Low clearance warning sign

  • W4-9 Left Lane Ends Warning sign

  • W5-1 Ferry Warning sign

  • W5-10 Speed Hump Warning sign

  • W5-106 Horse Riding ahead sign

  • W5-11 Crest ahead warning sign

  • W5-12 Steep Descent warning sign

  • W5-125 Motorcycle slippery conditions warning sign

  • W5-13 Steep Ascent ahead warning sign

  • W5-14 Gate Ahead sign

  • W5-16 grid ahead warning sign

  • W5-18 Road Ends warning sign

  • W5-19 Gravel Road Ahead warning sign

  • W5-2 Opening Bridge sign

  • W5-20 Slippery Surface Sign

  • W5-22 Truck crossing or entering sign

  • W5-25 Turning Traffic sign

  • W5-29 Kangaroo Crossing sign

  • W5-30 Low flying aircraft sign

  • W5-31 Wombat crossing sign

  • W5-33 Slow Point sign

  • W5-34 Merging traffic left sign

  • W5-35 Added lane sign

  • W5-38 Stock Crossing sign

  • W5-39 10 percent decline sign

  • W5-40 10 percent incline sign

  • W5-7 Floodway sign

  • W5-8 Low level bridge sign

  • W5-9

  • W6-1 Pedestrians sign

  • W6-2 Pedestrian Crossing ahead sign

  • W6-204 Bus stop ahead sign

  • W6-3 Children Crossing sign

  • W6-4 School sign

  • W6-6 Hospital sign

  • W6-7 Cyclists sign

  • W6-8 Road ahead sign

  • W6-9 Shared Zone pedestrian and cyclists sign

  • W7-12 Railway crossing on side road sign

  • W7-14-5

  • W7-4 Railway Level Crossing Flashing Signal Ahead

  • W7-7 Train sign

  • W7-8 Railway crossing sign

  • W7-9 Train Crossing Angle sign

  • W8-13

  • W8-14

  • W8-17-1

  • W8-25

  • W9-1 Left lane ends sign

  • W9-2 Intersection warning merge left sign

  • W9-4 Modified Intersection left sign


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