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Transquip joins Tranex authorised dealer network

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Tranex Roads & Traffic has partnered with New Zealand traffic control specialist Transquip to bring Tranex’s innovative products to the New Zealand Market.

Transquip is Tranex’s second authorised New Zealand dealer and will provide the NZ traffic control industry with access to Tranex products including the Barrowlight V2 portable traffic lights and the innovative SafetySam stand alone marker.

Tranex General Manager Kurt Carlson said he looked forward to a long and successful partnership with Transquip.

“We are excited to have Transquip come on board as an authorised dealer because they share our commitment to the safety of road users and road crews,” he said.

“Keeping them seen and safe and helping make sure everyone gets home safely is our common purpose.”

Tranex expands into NZ with RTL partnership

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Tranex Roads & Traffic has partnered with New Zealand traffic control specialist RTL to bring Tranex’s innovative products to the New Zealand Market.  

RTL is Tranex’s first authorised New Zealand dealer and will provide the NZ traffic control industry with access to Tranex products including the Barrowlight V2 portable traffic lights and the innovative SafetySam stand alone marker. 

Tranex General Manager Kurt Carlson said Tranex was thrilled to have a partner of the calibre of RTL as its first authorised New Zealand dealer.

“RTL is the perfect partner for Tranex because the commitment to the safety of road users and road crews is part of their DNA also,” he said.

“We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”


Mandatory Project Signing for Federally Funded Projects

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Mandatory Project Signing for Federally Funded Projects

The Federal Government has recently announced the 2020-2021 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program worth $7.5Billion.

This is great news for the Civil Construction industry and all the related suppliers such as dedicated Road Signage manufactures.

Fine Print: Signs are a MUST!

Buried in the fine print, astute engineers would be aware that ALL projects with Federally contributed money MUST have the proscribed “Building Our Future” Project Sign at least at either end of the works down to a project value of $10,000. Projects are subject to audit by the federal government inspectors with correct Project Sign being a critical compliance component.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure Guidelines specify various Project Sign designs, sizes and requirements for different projects which can be quite confusing if you are not across all the aspects of signage and graphics given that the $7.5Billion of infrastructure funding is being rolled out through a large number of stimulus initiatives including, ROADS TO RECOVERY, BLACK SPOT FUNDING, BUILDING OUR FUTURE, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRANTS, NATIONAL STRONGER REGIONS FUND, HEAVY VEHICLE SAFETY PROGRAM BRIDGES RENEWAL PROGRAM, NATIONAL WATER INFRASTRUCTURE, BUILDING BETTER REGIONS, SMART CITIES PLAN, DROUGHT COMMUNITIES PROGRAM and more.

Tranex Roads have taken a deep dive into the requirements and have a thorough understanding of the process so are able to manage all your proofing and display obligations with the Department.

Tranex Roads & Traffic manufactures road signage right here in your state and we are in close contact with the Department of Infrastructure. We are well organised to manufacture and supply (at short notice) the correct Project Sign as mandated at all Federally and jointly funded projects over $10,000.

Tranex undertake to liaise with the Department of Infrastructure graphics team to ensure your signage (including additional managing Authority branding) complies with the Departments Guidelines at all times). This can often include long-life or engraved Stainless-steel Commemorative Plaques for finished projects as required in some instances.

We can ensure your signage requirements are fully quoted and you have completed artwork and pricing already on file for to assist with federal Audit requirements as they arise.

Please call us on 1300 13 77 54 to take advantage of your FREE PROJECT Sign preview artwork and be surprised by how simple we make the process and how great these signs look (especially with your logo)!


New Product Now Available

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HP Cold Patch

We are now stocking Crafco High Performance Cold Patch, Whether it is repairing utility cuts or patching that reoccurring pothole, HP Asphalt Cold Patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. HP Asphalt is specifically formulated for the wide-ranging temperature and climate of your area. HP Asphalt Cold Patch comes premixed and ready to use. 23kg per Bag, 60 Bags per Pallet.

Benefits of HP Asphalt Cold Patch:

  • Works in all weather conditions; wet or dry, cold or hot
  • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking
  • Adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel
  • Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work
  • Patch will not release, eliminates milling before re-paving
  • Open to traffic immediately – no raveling or rutting
  • No heating, mixing or tacking required
  • Remains pliable from below-freezing temperatures

Available through TranEx Roads & Traffic – Crafco is the world’s leading manufacturer in quantity and diversity of packaged pavement preservation products for asphalt and concrete such as hot-applied crack sealants, silicone joint sealants, hot-applied mastics, and cold-mix for pavement surface patching and repair. Crafco is the only company to manufacture these types of products and the equipment to apply them.

TranEx road safety Catalogue front page

New 84 Page Product Catalogue

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We have just completed our brand-new hard copy 84-page product catalogue with a new crisp clear style and enlarged product code text for ease of viewing.

The 14th Edition of our Product Catalogue includes the customary table of contents page to assist in locating the products as listed in each of the product categories such as; Traffic Control Signage, Sign Frames & Supports, Temporary Barriers & Cones, Road Markers & Asphalting Supplies, Street & Directional Signage, Posts & Brackets and Carpark & Warehouse Safety.

On Page 4 and 5 you’ll find out a bit about us and some good reasons why to choose Tranex Roads and Traffic for your Traffic Products along with our Core Values.

Throughout the new Product Catalogue, you’ll find some new products such as the new revolutionary temporary signage system, Safety Sam from page 20, SafetySAM (Stand Alone Marker) signage system is an integral, all-in-one concept that is made entirely of a new generation, high tech substrate which is practically indestructible and extremely strong. And on page 37 we are now stocking HP High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch, The Year Round, All Season, High Performance Cold Patch.

To receive your own copy of the New Tranex Roads & Traffic Product Catalogue Contact Us or Call 1300 137 754


The Advantages of Portable Traffic Lights

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Advantages of portable traffic lights. Safety plays an important role in ensuring the success of roadworks. With the combination of heavy machinery, inaccessible roads, and the constant flow of motorists and pedestrians, proper traffic management is needed in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Luckily, there is plenty of available traffic control equipment for sale. These include speed warning signage, roadwork signage, and traffic cones. However, there are other tools which are used to enhance safety measures at these sites.

A set of portable traffic lights offer a convenient solution for traffic management. This mobile lighting system allows roadworks crews to control the traffic at their site without risk to their own safety. Here are some of the other advantages of portable traffic lights offer the road and civil industry.

Better Visibility

These days, instead of incandescent bulbs, most portable traffic lights use LED bulbs. The latter is known for shining brighter than the former which allows for better visibility on roads, especially when there are heavy rains or fog. In addition to their brightness, LED bulbs can be seen from greater distances which give motorists enough time and distance to anticipate the roadworks site. Aside from the visibility these lights offer, they also last longer. This can prove to be useful for roadworks that are expected to go on for long periods of time as there is a decreased risk of your portable traffic lights suddenly going out.

Increased Safety

The main advantage of investing in a set of portable traffic lights is the fact that it increases the safety in your roadworks site. Unlike other traffic management equipment, traffic lights give you better control over the speed and flow of traffic in your area. For sites located in highly populated areas, this is especially helpful in preventing collisions or other types of accidents. Additionally, for roadworks in the countryside, where motorists are more prone to ignore the speed limit, portable traffic lights provide the appropriate reminder to take care on the road.

Fewer Expenses

A set of portable traffic lights is an investment that will allow you to save on expenses in the long run. Its LED bulbs enable you to lower your power bills as these lights consume less electricity and last longer than other bulbs. Aside from this, portable traffic lights allow you to reduce the risk of costly expenses associated with accidents that occur when there are insufficient traffic safety precautions.

Convenient and Reliable

The mobility and portability that portable traffic lights offer gives roadworks crews the convenience that will help them streamline operations. As these lights are easy to set up, your crew spends less time in site preparation and more time on accomplishing their tasks. Moreover, this lighting equipment is designed to be collapsible for quick and easy clean up, transport, and storage.

TranEx Group’s Portable Traffic Lights

With over 35 years of experience in working in the road and civil industry, TranEx Group carries a wide selection of traffic management equipment that is designed to provide Australians with the appropriate safety tools in their projects. We have several types of portable traffic lights, including the Barrow Light. This portable traffic light works on synchronisation to solve problems such as transmission dropouts and distance constraints.

For any enquiries about our wide range of products, call us on 1300 137 754. You can also send your enquiry through


How to Prevent Traffic Accidents during Your Roadworks

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Road safety is a top priority when construction is being carried out along streets and highways. Rules and regulations have been put in place to prevent accidents on and off the construction sites. However, there are little slip-ups that can lead to bigger problems when left unchecked.

Ensuring People’s Safety during Roadworks

When a street or a portion of the highway is being repaired, it will seldom be closed down. This is because to do so would cause disruptions to daily life which can, in turn, affect business operations. In order to avoid this problem, construction workers place temporary barriers around the roadwork area and set up a portable traffic light or multiple message signage to warn motorists and pedestrians of the proper safety precautions to be observed.

These signs preceding the construction site are able to communicate road conditions to not only protect motorists and pedestrians but construction workers as well. Having said that, there are some roadwork signs that have deteriorated in quality over time. It could be that they have become too dirty or the words have faded to the point of being incomprehensible, or even, it could be they have not been placed well. Any of these situations compromise the efficacy of safety signs.

This is because minor damage to these signs can lead to accidents that range from over speeding in a high-risk zone to vehicle collisions between a motorist and the site. While the overall number of road-related deaths in 2018 fell by 4 per cent, the number of driver and pedestrian deaths is still higher than that of the previous year. Although the number has significantly lowered for work-related fatalities in construction, these numbers can still be lowered with the right equipment.

As a trusted name in traffic management solutions, TranEx Group has a variety of road construction signs for sale so that you can warn motorists and pedestrians of your roadwork and ensure the safety of your construction crew.

Using the Rights Signs for Safety

We make sure that all necessary safety equipment is available so that projects can be completed as planned with little to no unnecessary downtime. This means we stock a full range of standard corflute signage, we can always offer fast turnaround times. However we also provide for more specialised requirements.

Our TRAFFICOP provides extra delineation but is incredibly quick to set up. It is designed to to fit over a T-Top Bollard and is excellent for when you need lane closures over a short period of time.

If projects require specific requirement, our inhouse manufacturing can take care of it. We can provide custom corflute signage designed to your specifications.

For over 35 years, we have been working closely with the road and civil industry in order to provide them with the equipment that helps them successfully complete their projects while maintaining optimal safety in the workplace. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best solutions for your requirements.

To learn more about our traffic management solutions, call us on 1300 137 754 to book an appointment. For any inquiries, you can fill up this form:


Why You Must Choose TranEx Group for Your Company’s Roadwork Requirements

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When it comes to efficient roadwork solutions, TranEx Group is a name you can trust. For more than 35 years, our company has provided industry-leading products and services for the roadwork and civil construction industries. We have developed an excellent reputation with our clients, offering them specialised services.

We provide robust and efficient solutions for your road safety requirements

Installing a speed radar improves safety and speed compliance around school zones and areas with high foot traffic. A speed radar also ensures safety in venues with lower or changing speed limits, such as roadwork and road maintenance sites. Our company supplies advanced speed warning signage to help educate motorists and measure and analyse their driving behaviour.

Our Metis 3002 is an effective solution for minimising vehicle speed. Its integrated City Connect platform allows you to create and test speed configurations and analyse collected data at a glance. The screen displays the maximum recorded speed and traffic volume in both directions, as well as the number of light and heavy vehicles on the road.

The unit is robust and reliable, with a crimped aluminium-zinc sheet and triple-edge aluminium frame. The display is protected by a 3mm transparent, heat-formed polycarbonate sheet. The Metis 3002 may be mounted on a standard signpost for permanent installations, or a wheelbarrow trolley for roadwork applications.

The Metis 500, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative to the Metis 3002. Despite its small size, it can record traffic data of up to 400,000 vehicles in both directions and display vehicle speed in real time. Customised mounting options are available for the Metis 500.

We also supply Barrow lights that are portable and easy to use for traffic needs. The traffic lights work on synchronisation, eliminating dropouts and distance constraints. Our Barrow lights can be adapted to every site configuration. Its mast is completely retractable inside the light head, saving storage space. Barrow lights can be loaded easily onto a ute or trailer, and programmed and wheeled into position according to your traffic management plan.

Our proven track record makes us a reliable partner for success

Eastern Tree Services, one of Australia’s largest vegetation management companies, has utilised our Barrow lights to simplify their operations and minimise traffic control risk. Since implementing Barrow lights on their sites, traffic control costs have gone down, and their efficiency has doubled.

The George Town Council has also invested in our Barrow lights. The equipment has helped them save a significant amount of operational costs and free up staff members for other work. Despite using the lights in a windy place, the George Town Council has had no issue with these items blowing over.

Partner with TranEx Group for your road safety needs

TranEx Group is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for traffic control management.  We manufacturer road signage and supplies designed to manage complex roadwork projects. We are committed to delivering quality products and services that exceed the standards of the industry and our competitors. Our drive for excellence has made us a reliable partner to government departments and civil construction firms across Australia.

Let us help you with your roadwork and civil construction needs. Contact us on 1300 137 754 today for enquiries.

Happy Holidays – Closing Dates 2017

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Happy Holidays

To everything there is a season…

May your workdays and holidays be merry and bright.

Closing from: 2:00PM Friday 22nd December 2017
Reopening: 6:30AM Monday 8th January 2018

The TranEx Team

Symbolic Worker (Diamond Grade Reflective)

Anzac Day Special

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You’re the first to know!

All 600×600 corflute signs are only $20 each! TODAY ONLY

Symbolic Worker (Diamond Grade Reflective) Road Work Ahead (Class1) 600 x 600 Corflute 100 km/h Speed Sign (Class1) - CorflutePrepare To Stop (Class1) 600 x 600 CorfluteNo Right Turn (Class1) 600 x 600 Corflute

Tomorrow is ANZAC day and to remember those who’ve served and those serving, TranEx is running a special promotion for today only. Use the follwoing promo code to recieve your discount online, on the phone, email, fax, etc.


With the technology advances of today, believe it or not, the purpose of a humble sign or symbol has not changed. Take for example the symbols that were used throughout WWII and the road signs of today. In WWII students at Oslo University started wearing paperclips on their lapels as a symbol of resistance, unity, national pride and a clever way of displaying their rejection of the Nazi ideology. A symbol may have only a small significance until it gives a person hope and saves a life.

Today in Australia we use an orange sign with a black symbolic worker symbol as a way of notifying the public of workers on the road, to slow traffic and prevent a tragedy. A sign may have only a small significance until it saves a life. Road Signs Save Lives.

The smallest things can mean powerful things, like resistance against the most powerful force in the world.

Lest we forget.