Portable Traffic Lights

The Advantages of Portable Traffic Lights

Safety plays an important role in ensuring the success of roadworks. With the combination of heavy machinery, inaccessible roads, and the constant flow of motorists and pedestrians, proper traffic management is needed in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Luckily, there is plenty of available traffic control equipment for sale. These include speed warning signage, roadwork signage, and traffic cones. However, there are other tools which are used to enhance safety measures at these sites.

A set of portable traffic lights offer a convenient solution for traffic management. This mobile lighting system allows roadworks crews to control the traffic at their site without risk to their own safety. Here are some of the other advantages of portable traffic lights offer the road and civil industry.

Better Visibility

These days, instead of incandescent bulbs, most portable traffic lights use LED bulbs. The latter is known for shining brighter than the former which allows for better visibility on roads, especially when there are heavy rains or fog. In addition to their brightness, LED bulbs can be seen from greater distances which give motorists enough time and distance to anticipate the roadworks site. Aside from the visibility these lights offer, they also last longer. This can prove to be useful for roadworks that are expected to go on for long periods of time as there is a decreased risk of your portable traffic lights suddenly going out.

Increased Safety

The main advantage of investing in a set of portable traffic lights is the fact that it increases the safety in your roadworks site. Unlike other traffic management equipment, traffic lights give you better control over the speed and flow of traffic in your area. For sites located in highly populated areas, this is especially helpful in preventing collisions or other types of accidents. Additionally, for roadworks in the countryside, where motorists are more prone to ignore the speed limit, portable traffic lights provide the appropriate reminder to take care on the road.

Fewer Expenses

A set of portable traffic lights is an investment that will allow you to save on expenses in the long run. Its LED bulbs enable you to lower your power bills as these lights consume less electricity and last longer than other bulbs. Aside from this, portable traffic lights allow you to reduce the risk of costly expenses associated with accidents that occur when there are insufficient traffic safety precautions.

Convenient and Reliable

The mobility and portability that portable traffic lights offer gives roadworks crews the convenience that will help them streamline operations. As these lights are easy to set up, your crew spends less time in site preparation and more time on accomplishing their tasks. Moreover, this lighting equipment is designed to be collapsible for quick and easy clean up, transport, and storage.

TranEx Group’s Portable Traffic Lights

With over 35 years of experience in working in the road and civil industry, TranEx Group carries a wide selection of traffic management equipment that is designed to provide Australians with the appropriate safety tools in their projects. We have several types of portable traffic lights, including the Barrow Light. This portable traffic light works on synchronisation to solve problems such as transmission dropouts and distance constraints.

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