How to Prevent Traffic Accidents during Your Roadworks

Road safety is a top priority when construction is being carried out along streets and highways. Rules and regulations have been put in place to prevent accidents on and off the construction sites. However, there are little slip-ups that can lead to bigger problems when left unchecked.

Ensuring People’s Safety during Roadworks

When a street or a portion of the highway is being repaired, it will seldom be closed down. This is because to do so would cause disruptions to daily life which can, in turn, affect business operations. In order to avoid this problem, construction workers place temporary barriers around the roadwork area and set up a portable traffic light or multiple message signage to warn motorists and pedestrians of the proper safety precautions to be observed.

These signs preceding the construction site are able to communicate road conditions to not only protect motorists and pedestrians but construction workers as well. Having said that, there are some roadwork signs that have deteriorated in quality over time. It could be that they have become too dirty or the words have faded to the point of being incomprehensible, or even, it could be they have not been placed well. Any of these situations compromise the efficacy of safety signs.

This is because minor damage to these signs can lead to accidents that range from over speeding in a high-risk zone to vehicle collisions between a motorist and the site. While the overall number of road-related deaths in 2018 fell by 4 per cent, the number of driver and pedestrian deaths is still higher than that of the previous year. Although the number has significantly lowered for work-related fatalities in construction, these numbers can still be lowered with the right equipment.

As a trusted name in traffic management solutions, TranEx Group has a variety of road construction signs for sale so that you can warn motorists and pedestrians of your roadwork and ensure the safety of your construction crew.

Using the Rights Signs for Safety

We make sure that all necessary safety equipment is available so that projects can be completed as planned with little to no unnecessary downtime. This means we stock a full range of standard corflute signage, we can always offer fast turnaround times. However we also provide for more specialised requirements.

Our TRAFFICOP provides extra delineation but is incredibly quick to set up. It is designed to to fit over a T-Top Bollard and is excellent for when you need lane closures over a short period of time.

If projects require specific requirement, our inhouse manufacturing can take care of it. We can provide custom corflute signage designed to your specifications.

For over 35 years, we have been working closely with the road and civil industry in order to provide them with the equipment that helps them successfully complete their projects while maintaining optimal safety in the workplace. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best solutions for your requirements.

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