Why You Must Choose TranEx Group for Your Company’s Roadwork Requirements

When it comes to efficient roadwork solutions, TranEx Group is a name you can trust. For more than 35 years, our company has provided industry-leading products and services for the roadwork and civil construction industries. We have developed an excellent reputation with our clients, offering them specialised services.

We provide robust and efficient solutions for your road safety requirements

Installing a speed radar improves safety and speed compliance around school zones and areas with high foot traffic. A speed radar also ensures safety in venues with lower or changing speed limits, such as roadwork and road maintenance sites. Our company supplies advanced speed warning signage to help educate motorists and measure and analyse their driving behaviour.

Our Metis 3002 is an effective solution for minimising vehicle speed. Its integrated City Connect platform allows you to create and test speed configurations and analyse collected data at a glance. The screen displays the maximum recorded speed and traffic volume in both directions, as well as the number of light and heavy vehicles on the road.

The unit is robust and reliable, with a crimped aluminium-zinc sheet and triple-edge aluminium frame. The display is protected by a 3mm transparent, heat-formed polycarbonate sheet. The Metis 3002 may be mounted on a standard signpost for permanent installations, or a wheelbarrow trolley for roadwork applications.

The Metis 500, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative to the Metis 3002. Despite its small size, it can record traffic data of up to 400,000 vehicles in both directions and display vehicle speed in real time. Customised mounting options are available for the Metis 500.

We also supply Barrow lights that are portable and easy to use for traffic needs. The traffic lights work on synchronisation, eliminating dropouts and distance constraints. Our Barrow lights can be adapted to every site configuration. Its mast is completely retractable inside the light head, saving storage space. Barrow lights can be loaded easily onto a ute or trailer, and programmed and wheeled into position according to your traffic management plan.

Our proven track record makes us a reliable partner for success

Eastern Tree Services, one of Australia’s largest vegetation management companies, has utilised our Barrow lights to simplify their operations and minimise traffic control risk. Since implementing Barrow lights on their sites, traffic control costs have gone down, and their efficiency has doubled.

The George Town Council has also invested in our Barrow lights. The equipment has helped them save a significant amount of operational costs and free up staff members for other work. Despite using the lights in a windy place, the George Town Council has had no issue with these items blowing over.

Partner with TranEx Group for your road safety needs

TranEx Group is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for traffic control management.  We manufacturer road signage and supplies designed to manage complex roadwork projects. We are committed to delivering quality products and services that exceed the standards of the industry and our competitors. Our drive for excellence has made us a reliable partner to government departments and civil construction firms across Australia.

Let us help you with your roadwork and civil construction needs. Contact us on 1300 137 754 today for enquiries.