Mandatory Project Signing for Federally Funded Projects

The Federal Government has recently announced the 2020-2021 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program worth $7.5Billion.

This is great news for the Civil Construction industry and all the related suppliers such as dedicated Road Signage manufactures.

Fine Print: Signs are a MUST!

Buried in the fine print, astute engineers would be aware that ALL projects with Federally contributed money MUST have the proscribed “Building Our Future” Project Sign at least at either end of the works down to a project value of $10,000. Projects are subject to audit by the federal government inspectors with correct Project Sign being a critical compliance component.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure Guidelines specify various Project Sign designs, sizes and requirements for different projects which can be quite confusing if you are not across all the aspects of signage and graphics given that the $7.5Billion of infrastructure funding is being rolled out through a large number of stimulus initiatives including, ROADS TO RECOVERY, BLACK SPOT FUNDING, BUILDING OUR FUTURE, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRANTS, NATIONAL STRONGER REGIONS FUND, HEAVY VEHICLE SAFETY PROGRAM BRIDGES RENEWAL PROGRAM, NATIONAL WATER INFRASTRUCTURE, BUILDING BETTER REGIONS, SMART CITIES PLAN, DROUGHT COMMUNITIES PROGRAM and more.

Tranex Roads have taken a deep dive into the requirements and have a thorough understanding of the process so are able to manage all your proofing and display obligations with the Department.

Please see free downloadable Project Sign Guide. CLICK HERE

Tranex Roads & Traffic manufactures road signage right here in your state and we are in close contact with the Department of Infrastructure. We are well organised to manufacture and supply (at short notice) the correct Project Sign as mandated at all Federally and jointly funded projects over $10,000.

Tranex undertake to liaise with the Department of Infrastructure graphics team to ensure your signage (including additional managing Authority branding) complies with the Departments Guidelines at all times). This can often include long-life or engraved Stainless-steel Commemorative Plaques for finished projects as required in some instances.

We can ensure your signage requirements are fully quoted and you have completed artwork and pricing already on file for to assist with federal Audit requirements as they arise.

Please call us on 1300 13 77 54 to take advantage of your FREE PROJECT Sign preview artwork and be surprised by how simple we make the process and how great these signs look (especially with your logo)!