Whatever you do, or dream you can. Begin it. Happy New Year!

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With many years ahead, we thank you for being a part of our story thus far. You’re the spark that keeps us going.

Stay with us and take a minute to go back in time.

TranEx began in September 2004. Our history isn’t long, it’s strong. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, and as a certain Navy SEAL says “do something that sucks every day. It’ll make you a strong”.

History in a flash

  • 2004 TranEx Equipment starts as a sign manufacturing company in Tasmania
  • 2005 TranEx Equipment gains DIER accreditation (TAS Government)
  • 2006 TranEx Equipment launches a website…yes that’s right a buy-online website;).
  • 2007 TranEx Equipment changes name to TranEx Group to incorporate new brands.
  • 2008 The TranEx Barriers rand is introduced, completing minor guardrail bridge jobs, repair works, etc in Tasmania.
  • 2009 TranEx Barriers “scales-up” to complete major state-government funded projects in Tasmania
  • 2010 TranEx Barriers is introduced in Victoria.
  • 2011 TranEx Group gains VicRoads accreditation (Vic Roads). TranEx Barriers is introduced in South Australia.
  • 2012 TranEx Barriers is introduced in New South Wales & Queensland
  • 2013 StreetSmart brand is launched. The portable traffic light hits the Australian market. Major guardrail projects completed by Team TranEx for TMR (QLD Government).
  • 2014 TranEx launches a new brand for a new era. TasRoads. TranEx Barriers complete major guardrail projects in Western Australia and Northern Territory for Roy Hill mine and Thiess.
  • 2015 TranEx gains ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14004 Certification
  • 2016 TranEx Group expands with another new brand “TranEx Solar” to add to accompany: TasRoads, StreetSmart and TranEx Barriers. TranEx Group wins contractor CCF award for Tasmania.
  • 2017 The possibilities are endless

Stay tuned for our next post. And with the help of a certain NAVY seal, we’ll see how to make a split-second decision you won’t regret.