If You Don’t Like Change You’ll Like Extinction Even Less



Change occurs as a process, not as an event. As much as we’d like it to be change does not happen instantaneously because there was an announcement, a kick-off meeting or even a go-live date. Individuals do not change simply because they received an email or attended a training program. When we experience change, we move from what we had known and done, through a period of transition to arrive at a desired new way of behaving and doing our job.

In Tasmania, DSG (Department of State Growth) has recently prepared new draft specification Section 708 for Steel Beam Guard Fence, Section 714 for Sign Installation and Section 709 for Guide Posts(based on VicRoads Specification).

The new Tasmania specifications will apply to all construction contracts advertised for tender after 1 August 2016.

Wow, yes, right, OK… learning a whole new set of specifications is a HUGE change!  TasRoads is upto speed with VicRoads so we can hit the road running with you. Lets embrace the change to make sure the transition from the old to new is as seamless as practically possible.

TranEx is qualified under the VicRoads pre-qualification scheme for general works, guardfence (G2) level.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of our certificate.

From your trusted partner – TranEx Group Pty