We can talk about road safety in an impersonal way as statistics and trends, or analysing data by age, gender cause or crash type. Or we can try to understand the grief of losing a child, parent, a loved one in a car crash. It will change your life forever. The reality is that most injuries and deaths on our roads are preventable.


This is a reminder to all construction site managers to ensure that locations are adequately secured during the summer holiday period.

Download your free Risk Assesment HERE (It's packed with pictures)

Tasmanina Occupational Health and Safety laws require construction sites to have adequate site security, which includes appropriate fencing and delineation throughout roadworks. Over the past five years, more than 40 infringement notices have been issued in relation to unauthorised persons accessing construction sites. Don’t add your site to the long list past offenders.

Download our Risk Assessment to help identify and address the risks that an unsecured construction site can pose to road users and members of the public. Including:

  1. Fencing requirements
  2. Electrical power is off while sites are unattended
  3. Access to elevated floors, scaffolding and ladders are blocked
  4. Plant, equipment, tools, chemicals and dangerous goods are securely stored;
  5. Water drums are emptied
  6. Excavation areas such as pits, trenches and pier holes are covered
  7. Appropriate signage is erected with contact telephone numbers
  8. Site security is provided.

More information on construction site security call 1300 13 77 54