Anzac Day Special

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All 600×600 corflute signs are only $20 each! TODAY ONLY

Symbolic Worker (Diamond Grade Reflective) Road Work Ahead (Class1) 600 x 600 Corflute 100 km/h Speed Sign (Class1) - CorflutePrepare To Stop (Class1) 600 x 600 CorfluteNo Right Turn (Class1) 600 x 600 Corflute

Tomorrow is ANZAC day and to remember those who’ve served and those serving, TranEx is running a special promotion for today only. Use the follwoing promo code to recieve your discount online, on the phone, email, fax, etc.


With the technology advances of today, believe it or not, the purpose of a humble sign or symbol has not changed. Take for example the symbols that were used throughout WWII and the road signs of today. In WWII students at Oslo University started wearing paperclips on their lapels as a symbol of resistance, unity, national pride and a clever way of displaying their rejection of the Nazi ideology. A symbol may have only a small significance until it gives a person hope and saves a life.

Today in Australia we use an orange sign with a black symbolic worker symbol as a way of notifying the public of workers on the road, to slow traffic and prevent a tragedy. A sign may have only a small significance until it saves a life. Road Signs Save Lives.

The smallest things can mean powerful things, like resistance against the most powerful force in the world.

Lest we forget.