Safety SAM
Stand Alone Marker S.A.M. (Safety SAM TM) Common Q & A
Why do I need this new Road Work Sign System? The Device is a desirable alternative device for displaying standard AS1743 “Box Edge Plate” and Multi-Message type Road Work signs. It is a unique product manufactured from a single piece High-impact heavy plastic substrate and does not require additional steel stand or supports.
Describe what the device can do for me? The Device is designed to provide a lightweight, simpler, quicker, and easier method of deploying Australian Standard (AS1743) roadwork signs. The one-piece, all-in-one configuration means transport, storage and deployment are greatly simplified in weight, space, and ergonomics.
Describe where the device can be used? The device is designed for use in all Road Work applications on Australian roads. It is being particularly used in Emergency and rapid deployment situations, as well as longer, termed work sites.
What existing Road signage devices would it replace? SafetySAM is designed to replace traditional steel box Edge Plate signs, sign legs and steel stands. Safety SAM. signs promote uniformity and provide a benign form of user-friendly signage, far safer for both the user (strained backs/pinched fingers etc.) and pedestrians and other road users.
Describe the benefits or advantages of having this device? The biggest advantage of the Stand-Alone-Marker sign is its very low weight from the extremely robust and durable (proprietary) substrate. The innovative design enables the sign(s) to be self-supportive and is easily configured to be completely stable in the windiest conditions. The sign when not in use folds completely flat (10mm) allowing significant savings in transport and storage costs.
Describe any Risk Assessment relating to the product? Lowering the risk is the motivation behind the invention. SafetySAM Signs have a significantly lower risk profile than existing steel roadwork signage due to its frangible material and structure. Risk Assessments comparisons with workers deploying heavy metal signs is dramatically improved. All SafetySAM signage provided by Tranex in Australia will is manufactured to conform with AS1743 and VicRoads Specification 860. Major retroreflective sheeting manufactures are pleased to advise that full manufactures warranty will be provided to end-users.
Is there any legislation or existing standards relating to the product? S.A.M. signs meet and exceed Australian Standards 1742.3 and VicRoads Specification 860 for size, text/graphics, reflectivity, mounting height, stability, traceability etc. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SAFETY SAM OPERATING MANUAL