Tranex Group has been developing over several years a foldable “stand-alone” sign manufactured from a single piece of specialised high impact polypropylene. This particular substrate, (not currently in widespread use in Australia) is a specialist product used in the aeronautical and marine industry with complex anatomy providing great strength and durability yet with extremely low weight.

The innovative new sign system is subject to IP protection and processes which have meant we have only quite recently been able to unveil the product to stakeholders. It will be marketed in Australia and New Zealand under the Trademark “SafetySAM”

This concept to accommodate every Temporary Work Zone sign design and size as listed in the current RMS Traffic control at work sites Technical Manual. These signs currently are generally displayed on steel and other materials supported variously by steel legs and frames.

The product has been widely accepted by the industry particularly with work crews involved in minor work and maintenance such as Shires and Councils. the advantage to them is the reduction in WH&S issues arising from the transport and handling of heavy and awkward signs.

SafetySAM has been designed to simplify signing in work zones. A common feature at Australian road work sites is the widespread use of the T Top Bollard. With this in mind, the common Octagon bases provide effective ballast with one 6 or 8kg base, but where required this system provides no limit on how many bases can be simply used to provide stability in all conditions.

The blanks have been developed with the involvement of major Reflective Sheeting manufacturers who provide all the normal warranties.