Huge range of sign posts, brackets and sign mounting hardware designed for erecting and mounting Road, Traffic and Directional signs. Mounting systems include:

  • Standard Gal steel 60mm Dia. Sign posts (Standard length 3.2m)
  • Frangible and Decorative Aluminium Fluted sign posts up tp 150mm.
  • Sign sleeves including Socket type(s) and Drivable to suit all sizes.
  • Aluminium and Unistrut Bracket and Clamping system
  • Street Name plate brackets. BandIt Mounting System.
  • SignFix products.
  • VicRoad Slip Base Aluminium Posts and Footings.

Tranex has been involved with the supply and installation of Road, Traffic and Directional signs to State Authorities and other Government organisations. This experience gives us a depth of knowledge in regard of the hardware requirements to securely mount signs and structures in permanent positions. From overhead gantries on freeways and motorways to small Parking notices, Tranex have the correct solution to ensure your signs are there for life.  Talk to us next time you are restocking or need to purchase signs as complete package.