Fluted Aluminum Sign Posts

50mm NB (60.2mm OD)

One question. Have you ever lugged around a heavy sign post, busted your back installing it, then found it bent by vandals the next day? Yeah me to. We’re over it too so…

TasRoads is offereing a range of Fluted Aluminum Posts that will not only save your back but save your bank. They’re:

  • Decorative – Attractive fluted finish
  • Light Weight – Save back injuries & easy to handle
  • Durable – Will not rust
  • Super Strong – Will not bend and are vandle resistant
  • Cost Effective – Comparable price to standard Medium Gal Posts

TasRoads offers a range of decorative fluted aluminum poles. TasRoads fluted posts are extruded from high strength 6061-T6 Aluminum to exacting standards. They are available in 60.2mm OD and can be cut to any length. All poles can be painted in any color to match your next decorative street scape project.

If you like what you see contact us on 1300 13 77 54 or complete this form to receive your free product sample.

All the best!