3 Ways a VMS Board Helps Schools

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of students enrolled in schools in Australia grew by 56,872 (1.5%) to a total of 3,750,973. Have your enrolments increased too? Publicity is what counts when it comes to student enrolment. Here’s 5 ways this powerful product will ensure Your School keeps ahead of the pack.


1.Increase Enrolments

It’s about that time of year again. New enrolments are churning in and teachers are working overtime while excited students plan end-of-year parties.

Knowing the organised operation, you run at Your School you’ve probably already got your enrolment banner tied on the school’s front fence. But, how is it holding up? Banners are subject to vandals, inclement weather and with the Spring winds it’s probably more of a hindrance than a help.

We’ve got a solution for you.  Purchase your very own VMS board and customise your message to ensure you’re not overlooked.

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2. Stimulate Parent Involvement

Have you ever noticed that students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioural problems and better academic performance?  Lack of parental involvement may not always be intentional. Missed parent teacher interviews, football finals and the like, are often a result of mis-information and unawareness.  Promote special dates, events, football games, fetes, etc on your VMS Board and you’ll be sure to stimulate parent involvement. It’s hard to resist colourful flashing lights when its message has your child at heart!

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3.Save Dollars

When was the last time you ordered a 2550mm x 1710mm 5 coloured sign for a school event?  Perhaps you haven’t ever. That’s fine. You’d have to hold a majorevent to justify the expense of a full coloured sign THAT big.  The beauty of having your very own VMS board is that you’ll never have to pay another dollar to banners and temporary signs and…

Your VMS Board:

  • Displays full graphics
  • Non-glare, UV Resistant polycarbonate
  • Highest Quality LEDs
  • Solar Powered/ environmentally friendly
  • Plug and Play controllers and LED modules
  • Real Time Web Fleet Management & GPS Tracking

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