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Leading the Way with Durable Barriers, Cones & Fencing.

Tranex offers durable barriers, cones, and fencing solutions for unparalleled road safety in Australia. Explore our range of high-quality products crafted to withstand the demands of diverse traffic control scenarios.

  • Barrier Board-Road Closed

  • Barrier Board (Class2)

  • Barrier Board Stands

  • Barrier Mesh Fabric two bands

  • Bunting Flag Line

  • Barrier Mesh Plastic Extra HD – 1mx30m – 15kg

  • Bollard Base – 8kg

  • Bollard Bases – 6kg

  • Reflector Line Red/White Cl 1

  • Standard Barrier Mesh Plastic Orange – 1mx50m

  • T-Top Bollard – Sticks Only

  • Traffic Cone 450 Plain Red

  • Traffic Cone – 450mm Reflective Red

  • Traffic Cone 700mm – Reflective Red

  • Traffic Cone 700mm Plain Red

  • Workzone Barrier


Experience our Priority quote and estimate turnaround system. Whether you need durable barriers, highly visible cones, or secure fencing, our smart designed products guarantee effective traffic control and site safety.


Our signs don’t just work; they work for everyone. Designed for maximum impact, our products ensure safety and control that transcend limitations, making them suitable for diverse environments and users.


We deliver directly to your project or location through our specialized nationwide delivery service and trusted partners. Our meticulously designed products, from durable barriers to highly visible cones and secure fencing, ensure effective traffic control and site safety tailored to your specific needs. Wherever your project is, count on us for timely and reliable delivery.