Guide and Marker posts are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet Australian Standards and comply with individual State Traffic Authority specifications. Our products include an extensive range of Guide Posts systems manufactured in Australia from Australian steel and/or Polymers. Our range includes the classic and durable Steel Guide Post, plus the Heavy Duty fully Flexible uPVC Extruded Guide Post. AUSTRALIA FIRST: The familiar white Guide Posts - whether keeping us safe on an outback dirt road or marking the next hairpin above the snow line on the West Coast of Tasmania, are as iconically Australian as you can get. They are like an old reliable friend. Always there when you need them... That's why we decided to bring this product back to Australia and make it here using good-old-BHP Steel, keeping Australians employed and keeping the dollars here in Australia. Manufacturing technology in this country is second to none and our import-replacement products are world-class and built to last in our beautiful but harsh environment.