The Barrow Light – The Best Traffic Light in Australia.

Barrow Light setup

The Barrow Light is a revolutionary product to the Australian market, an easy to use portable set of traffic lights mounted wheel barrow style. View a short operational video clip here, and scroll down for further info… you’ll love the Barrow Light!

The only portable traffic light that works on synchronisation.  Say goodbye to transmission drop outs and distance constraints.  Features a countdown indicator to reduce driver frustration.  With a number of different configuration options, the Barrow Light is an easy to use solution for portable traffic management.


The Smart Portable Traffic Light Solution

The traffic lights are all identical with no driver box.  There is no master or slave light adapted to every site configuration: alternative crossroads, with 3 or 4 branches.  Programming of the first light and synchronisation of the following one(s) by transferring the information.  When turned off the BL keeps the latest setting until next programmed information is stored for 20 minutes, allowing time to charge the batteries.  Countdown timer in the amber light portal.


New generation of large angle LED’s reducing the tunnel effect, signals detected from a greater distance.  Lifetime of LED: 100 000 hours (10 years) Tropicalised electronic cards (100%watertight to operate at any latitude) System Anti Deep Discharge (ADP) – extends the duration of battery life


Easy and fast set up and dismounting.  The mast is completely retractable inside the light head, saving storage space.  Equipped with 2 handles, extendable bars, and an inflatable front wheel, the Barrow Light is the fastest, and easiest portable traffic light on the market to set up and dismantle.  Lockable battery holder, protecting batteries from being stolen


Electronic and alphanumeric display integrated at the back of each head light MONOBLOC and protected with a 4mm thick plexiglass plate, shock and UV resistant and water tight seal.  Frame and mast made of steel tubular structure.  Powder coated with UV safety yellow.  High acids resistance (battery leakage) and hydrocarbon spill

Practical – Only 1 person is needed to load and unload the Barrow Light


Likely you will have experienced the purchasing or at least considered the purchasing of the traditional tow-able portable traffic lights..With the capital expenditure involved with the trailer mounted lights, and the cost compared with the overall job profit, does not usually warrant the purchase, therefore the hire of lights or even a traffic control team is the preferred option… From a safety point of view, traffic controllers are one of your greatest risks.  The Barrow Light allows controlled, safe traffic movement through work sites without using extra personnel on high risk manual traffic controller work… The Barrow Light removes the risk!

THE NEW – Operates on synchronisation – there is no maximum distance between traffic lights.  Working off a synchronisation technique, the reality of this feature is that you could literally have 1 traffic light set up in Australia and the other light set up in France, and there would be no timing or signal failures!  Fast & Easy set up –  Only 1 person required to set up and position the Barrow Light…this means your site is set up and safe within minutes of arriving to site. Convenient Transportation – Folded Height: 1076mm, will fit neatly in a small truck or ute. There is no need to take that extra vehicle, just to tow the lights. Cost Effective – Approx 1/3 of the price when compared to the traditional portable lights….Request a quote and take the time to compare it with any other option on the market…hire of lights, traffic control personnel…whatever, we guarantee you wont find a better option for pricing.


Signal Failures – Ever experienced continual drop outs?…We know it, we’ve been there ourselves, thats why our site guys love the Barrow Light

Awkward & Clumsy to transport

Time consuming to set up

Capital Purchase – Usually requires finance from brokers or outside firms, or alternatively uses a large proportion of your budget for that year.

Additional Components

Deep Cycle Battery

Product Ratings – Ampere Hour (75AH)

Total Weight – 25KG

Dimensions (mm)

Length: 269
Width: 173
Total Height: 240

Additional Remote Control

Solar Panel Package

Designed to maintain power supply for longer periods of time.

  • Size : 432 (L) x 342 (W) x 25mm (H)
  • Rated Max Power(Pmax) (W) – 20W Mono-crystalline Panel
  • Weight: 2.20kg
    Replacement Remote Control


Folded Height: 1076mm
Deployed Height: 2671mm
Light Head Height: 811mm
Light Head Width: 306mm
Light Head Depth 360mm
Main Box Width: 1424mm
Main Box Depth: 500mm
High mast folded: 1076mm
Mast Spread: 2671mm