About Us

Across the road and civil industry, we offer a uniquely targeted approach to problem solving. Our range and expertise allow us to confidently provide the best solutions to meet your requirements while at all times in complying with relevant codes and standards.

With experience in the road and civil industry spanning 35 years, the TranEx Group is ideally positioned to service Government Departments and Civil Construction companies across the Australasian region.

Our strong client focus and extensive experience, combined with an embedded culture of delivering on promises, are driving forces behind the company’s success. Lasting relationships and diversification into new markets underpin this growth – we lead the industry in creative problem solving.

Family owned and operated, the TranEx Group operates as a single-source company. Clients gain significant benefits from our broad ranging expertise, specialised plant and equipment, and a wide range of innovative traffic products.

our core values


We have an obligation to ourselves and our customers to provide superior products exceeding competitors and industry standards. Quality doesn’t stop at product, it includes service in all departments and levels of our company. We listen to our customers and get things right the first time.


The TranEx family are bound to moral and ethical principles; honesty and open communication are to be a part of each one of our members character. This is extended not only amongst the team, but with all stakeholders of our company including customers and suppliers.


We know that 2 minds are better than one. And even better, many minds. As a team we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for any situation for all parties.

Value for money

Our customers deserve to get what they pay for. We acknowledge we might not always be the cheapest, but we must always be the best at what we do.


We move fast to get results. We are focused and serious about our business. We must never lose our sense of urgency as time is the world’s most precious commodity. Lastly our customers pay us for results, not activities

Value Proposition

TranEx Group proudly supports dynamic, professional organisations delivering infrastructure solutions, through providing specialist, manufactured signage, and intelligent transport solutions to industry.

Distinctive Capabilities

  • Providing products fit for Application
  • Industry Knowledge
  • After Sales Support
  • Value for Money
  • Manufacturing Capacity