Start your journey with TranEx!  TranEx Group is a world class organisation, delivering the best solutions for our customers.  We believe in our mission and we’re building our Dream Team to accomplish it. Do you think you have what it takes to make it with TranEx?

Getting Started Human Resources

Welcome to TranEx!
Please follow the steps below to become a TranEx employee:

1.Scan a copy of your Licenses and Qualifications (front & back). e.g Forklift License, Drivers License, White Card, etc

2. Take or obtain a picture of yourself  (passport style but with a smile :))

3. Complete Employee Record Form

4. Complete Medical Questionnaire

5.  Complete PPE Form

6.  Complete Online Induction (click here for induction instructions)


The rank system defines a worker’s role and degree of responsibility.
The ranks are based upon those of the Australian Army.