Tubthumpa – The Flexible Keep Left Sign

Tubthumpa Keep Left w-bg

The Tubthumpa Flexible Sign Device is a durable, 360 degree impact resistant signage option with a fully integrated sign face. They are quick and easy to install, and there are a range of sizes, shapes and decal options available so there is sure to be a Tubthumpa Sign to suit your application.

Replace that damaged sign for the last time with Tubthumpa!

Tubthumpa Features

– 360 degree impact resistant
– Integrated sign face
– Ideal Keep Left sign option
– Durable polyurethane hinge
– Quick and easy to install
– Customised decals available
– Withstands multiple impacts
– Bicycle friendly
– Available in multiple profiles
– Decals can be replaced

Perfect for high traffic areas or areas where standard sign post will be bent, dented or destroyed by impacts from vehicles.
Made from long lasting medium density molded polyethylene with a class 1 reflective sign face.

Tubthumpa has been tested for impacts up to 60km/h (including direct wheel overs) and saves you both time and money as there is no need to send crews to repair bent signs or posts and damaged footings.

The Australian-designed multipurpose post has a durable polyurethane hinge and incorporates a stainless steel strengthening plate in the base for anchoring to the surface.