RadarX500 by Streetsmart Innovations, is by far-and-away the best portable Digital Speed Display unit available in Australia. Activated by a built-in automatic Radar sensor, these signs detect and display motorists speed in large legible digital numerals that change colours (red orange, green) depending on the speed. To reinforce speed awareness, pre-programmed or automated messages and graphics are flashed at the same time providing high impact information to the driver in real time. Manufactured to the highest standards in Europe in solid aluminum casing, the RadarX 500 is robust enough to take the rough-and- tumble of construction sites where it is very effectively used to control traffic speed through shorter term road works, but it is also durable enough to be mounted long-term in exposed conditions. In this situation it can function without any external power source (thanks to its unobtrusive solar panel), reliably and regularly transmitting a range of traffic data to a control destination anywhere in the world.