The BarrowLight Range of Portable Traffic Lights distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Tranex Roads and Traffic, is a revolutionary product manufactured in Europe to Australian Specifications and Conditions. SMART- RELIABLE- DURABLE- SAFE Barrowlight range of Traffic Lights are Approved for use on Australian roads and have been in use in all States of Australia for over 6 years. BarrowLights have revolutionised Traffic Management at road work sites by reducing costs while greatly improving safety. They eliminate the need to have Traffic Controllers exposed in dangerous situations. HWY APPLICATIONS: For short term works such as road maintenance, roadside installations involving small crews, Barrowlights have often paid for themselves in a few weeks. The portability and ease of setup means that Traffic is always effectively and safely cared for leaving the crew free to concentrate on the task at hand. CONTRACTORS, COUNCILS, and AUTHORITIES: Many councils and contractors have found these portable Traffic Lights are ideal where a short term lane closure is required on two lane undivided roads and also in longer term works such bridge construction. OTHER APPLICATIONS: Managers responsible for traffic flow in off highway situations such as Ports, Logistics and Mining have found Barrowlights to be ideal for regulating and managing traffic at their sites.