Tasmania’s leading Installer of Guardrail and Safety Barrier Systems.

Tranex Roads and Traffic supply and install innovative guardrail systems and safety barriers for roads, highways, bridges and parking stations. We are an Tasmanian owned experienced Installation contractor with a strong focus on professional, no hassle Contract Management.

Products we use such as Ramshield guardrail barrier are recognised as the premium systems in the Australian market. With in-house civil engineering expertise, Tranex are well-positioned to respond to the needs (both large and small) of the Tasmanian constructor.

Tranex are the first Tasmanian Supplier to offer an approved end to end fully MASH compliant steel beam guardrail system. The system comprises of our RamShield guardrail barrier terminated at each end of an installation with MSKT guardrail end terminals.

Australian Manufactured:

Steel used in our Guardrail is manufactured locally by BlueScope Steel. Tranex supplied guardrail complies with Australian Road Authority specifications and is laser engraved during manufacturing providing traceability to steel heat numbers. This important step distinguishes our product from other suppliers who batch stamp that often struggle to provide any traceability.

Tranex’s process ensures its customers can be confident of receiving material test certificates corresponding to the heat number as marked on their guard rail product.

Tranex can facilitate the supply and installation requirements for any Tasmanian road projects and is suitably qualified, equipped and experienced to complete contracts to the highest standards as demanded by DSG (Tasmania) and Department of Transport.