Mobile and Fixed Radar Signs & Traffic LED Electronic Signs

Tranex is a major Supplier of Fixed and Portable Radar Signs, Variable Speed Limit Signs and Vehicle Activated Electronic Speed Signs to Road Authorities, Councils, and Road work Contractors. It is also increasingly providing safety in Off-Highway situations such as Mines, Ports, Universities and larger car park stations.

Tranex Electronic signs make roads safer, reduce driver speed and prevent accidents. The Metis 3002 Connect is one of the most sophisticated Speed Radar Display sign available in Australia.  An incredibly reliable high-tech product manufactured in Europe the Metis Radar Speed display signs are able to collect statistical data about the speed and number of vehicles at location and transmit the information in real time.

The biggest advantage of these intelligent LED signs is they instantly display vehicle speed in real time educating drivers through targeted messages while measuring behaviour.

A simple “smiley face” is displayed if the vehicle is within the prescribed, pre-set range and a customisable warning message is displayed above the desired range. If required, the unit can be programmed to display within certain hours but will still collect traffic data (vehicle type, number, speed approach and departure. This information is transmitted via 4G connection to the City-Connect Intelligent platform.

Tranex recently partnered with the Tasmanian Department of State Growth in Driver Behaviour trials conducted at various high-risk School Crossings situations using the Metis 3002 radar platform. This proved of great benefit to the Department giving accurate driver behaviour information before (existing) and after the new measures were put in place.