The MPB3200 Portable Traffic Lights are an Australian standard compliant portable traffic signal solution that can be operated on radio, quartz (timer) or cable. Demonstrating proven German technology they are simple and easy to use, the can be setup to effectively manage any shuttle control setup no matter what the traffic volume.


  1. Easy to control with clear simple layout.
  2. Identical signal allows either unit to be set up as the master
  3. They can be operated on radio, quartz, and cabled operation allow for flexible and efficient operation even when operating in challenge terrains and environments
  4. Backup quartz timer allows for seamless and reliable operation even when the radio signal is lost.
  5. Radar Vehicle actuation allows the signals to change the traffic cycle to deal with varying traffic volumes
  6. Class leading LED technology allows longer operation time


Battery Undercarriage

Length – 655mm, Width – 565mm, Height – 320mm

Height including signal head – 1830mm

Weight per trolley – 45kg (excluding batteries). Batteries can range from 20-160kg