All in all, I think they are a great investment for anybody that is looking to cut down on their operational costs. They free up men for other works, which is a great investment.

Plenty of useful features

The countdown feature on the lights is a bonus to everybody, it saves people a lot of frustration. I’ve been doing civil for 37 years now and have seen a lot of frustration behind traffic lights. Using Stop/Slow bats is a very dangerous occupation. Since we’ve had the barrow lights we’ve saved $5,700.00 and saved the use of men on dangerous stop/slow bats, which has freed up men for other works. We are from George Town, using them a lot at Low Head, which is a very windy place, we’ve been using them out here for 11 days, and we’ve had no issue with the lights blowing over. If the wind does look like it could be a problem, we just place a sand bag on the front. Since we’ve been using the Barrow Light’s we’ve had no drop-outs whatsoever. So far we’ve had nearly a fortnight’s worth of work on them before we needed to charge them, which I think is pretty good.

Easy to use and portable.

The main features of the Barrow Light are that they are user friendly, easy to handle, easy for the boys to use, we're not technicians here, so we don’t want anything too technical. The Barrow Light is an excellent investment and we’re in the process of purchasing another set for our operation!

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Eastern Tree Services

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West Tamar Council

We also have a set of traffic light trailers purchased back in 2008 which over their life ..